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General Conditions


The contract shall be deemed as concluded once the registration has been confirmed by the school; the registration shall be binding.


For the adult programmes, the students must be 16 years old. For the Junior Program all the young students (maximum age 17 years) must provide us with a written authorization in order to attend the course.


As soon as the school receives the application form, the student will receive a confirmation by fax, e-mail or post with the description of the contracted course.


The programme includes all the services contracted by the students as: tuition, accommodation, and services.


An enrolment fee of 90 Euros must be paid in order to complete the registration, this fee is included in the price. All the bank fees have to be paid by the student.


Every change made after registration has a cost of 120 Euros. The changes that imply a reduction in the number of hours already contracted are not subject of refunds or readjustment in the price.
The student will not be charged if he/she chooses to extend or upgrade a course.


Once the courses have started, the students have the option to extend the course and/or accommodation. To extend the reservations the students must give one week’s notice to the school.


The full payment deducting the deposit must be made the first day of classes. The students that have contracted long-term courses can pay the accommodation and services fees within 4 weeks.


The official prices that are published on the web page of the school refer to the natural year. The students registered in programmes that cover two years will have to pay the prices of the second year once these have been published.


The schedules for the tuition can be either in the morning or in the afternoon depending exclusively on the school’s academic programming and the course type (intensive, super-intensive, combined, etc.).
The school reserves the right to change the timetables or groups at its discretion, always giving the students a one-hour notice.

10.Class size

The maximum number of students per group is 8. The school reserves the possibility of increases of up to 12 students in cases of organizational necessity.
The school reserves the right to reduce by 25% the class time, from 45 minutes to 33,75 minutes if the minimum number of five students per class is not reached. This will be applied to all courses (but will not affect private students). The student will not receive monetary compensation for this reduction in class hours.
The management of the school justifies this reduction as the student will benefit from more personal attention from the teacher in a smaller group, and the positive affects this has on the learning process.
The school reserves the right to inform the student of the reduction in class hours immediately before the class begins or at any given time during the period of a students’ course.


The student will take a test to determine the language level. The Head of Studies will assign the group and schedule the 1st day of classes.


The school recommends obtaining cancellation and repatriation insurance as well as health, accident, third-party liability and theft insurance.
The student can purchase a student’s insurance policy from the school.

13.Bank holidays

The school is closed on public holidays and that no claims against the school shall accrue in his or her favor as a result.


Should the course participant not take part in all of the lessons that make up the subject matter of the language course, he or she shall not be entitled to claim any reimbursement of payments already effected.
The long-term students with deferred payments must clear the entire outstanding amount for the whole period even if they are not going to finish the course.


For students booking accommodation through the school the address of said accommodation shall be notified at least 1 week prior to the start of the course.
The school does not guarantee the closeness of the accommodation to the school.
The accommodation is individual; the student is not able to share the room with other people whether they are friends, family members or any other person.
The house (your own room but also the common areas) has to be clean. It is responsability of the students to keep the house clean.
However, the school might send a cleaning person once per week to supervise and help the students to keep clean the apartment.  

The student pays a deposit of 80 Euros for the keys this amount is refunded at the end of the course or is used as a guarantee covering the expenses of the incorrect use of the accommodation.

16.Obligations of the student

The student undertakes personally to attend the language course. The student shall be responsible for choosing a language course that corresponds to his or her abilities. The student undertakes to attend the course regularly, to arrive punctually and to take part in lessons. Should the irregular attendance or other behaviour of the participant lead to a disturbance of the language course for other participants, Idiomas ¡Sí! reserves the right to expel the participant from the course. In such an event the course monies paid shall not be refunded in any way.
The student must attend at least 80% of the lessons in order to receive the certificate of attendance.


For those students contracting courses with language agencies, the matters relating to changes and cancellations must be negotiated and discussed with the agents.
The agreement between the 3 parties (agent, school and student) will have to be registered in a document in writing. The agent is the only one responsible for the money refunds in the above mentioned case


The school won't be responsible for the damages and prejudices caused to the student by the involuntary mistakes in the printed information or on the web site, by third parties or by major reason.
The school also reserves the right to change the information, contents, conditions and prices of the programs during the current year, informing in advance to the students who could be affected by the mentioned changes.
The school does not accept collect calls.


The notice of cancellation shall be sent in writing to the school. The date printed on the fax, e-mail or post office sign will determine the date of the cancellation.
There is no refund for the 90 Euros deposit. The refund of the payments made before the course starts will be made as follows:

  • 30 days before the course starts. A fee of 190 Euros will be deducted.
  • 14 days before the course starts. 50% of the total price will be deducted.
  • 5 days before the course starts. 75% of the total price will be deducted.
  • 4 days before the course starts. There is no refund.

From the first day of class all the payments made for the course and accommodation are NOT REFUNDABLE.
If the student has not paid all or a part of the fees for tuition and accommodation, he or she will have to do it in correspondence to the previous terms. The deductions will apply for all payments that are already effected.
According to the regulations presented above. Once the course has started the student is not entitled to claim any refund for the tuition, accommodation or services.


The student must consider, that as well as the meals, the way of life in Spain, can differ from what they are used to in their own countries.
The student will have to be flexible in this point. The student is committed to respect the courtesy norms, the laws of the country and the rules of the school.
In serious cases of lack of discipline, theft, alcoholism, drugs, etc, the student could be expelled not only from the school but from the country. The expenses of return, as well as the damages and prejudices to third parties will run at the expense of the students, their families or legal tutors.

21.Aplicable law, Jurisdiction

Spanish law shall be exclusively applied to the present regulations. Alicante or Malaga – Spain is stipulated as the place of jurisdiction.

22. Acceptance

The participation of the student in the programs of the school means that either the students themselves, or their parents or tutors in the case of students below the age of eighteen, are informed of the general conditions and accept them in all their totality and spirit. I hereby accept the above conditions.


This code of practice comes into affect from the 01 january 2008 and invalidates all previously published conditions detailed on the internet.