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Málaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol and is situated in the South of Spain, in Andalusia. The city is limitid in the south by the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by mountains in the west, north and east. Malaga’s mild climate throughout the whole year is the result of this special combination of mountains and sea.
Málaga is a diverse city where one can visit the birthhouse and the museum of Picasso. The city also has a lot of Roman influences like for example the Roman theatre. Also Arabs left their marks in Malaga. The Alcazaba and the castle of Gibralfaro are two monuments that remind us of the Arab presence.
The ”Malagueños” are open, nice and fun to hang out with and the warm summer nights on the Costa del Sol are famous for their neverending parties.



Granada is situated about 100 kilometers east of Málaga, surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Nevada. The city of Granada is famous for its cultural heritage. Two examples are “La Alhambra” and the Jewish quarter “El Albaicín”. Both monuments are appointed as UNESCO world heritage-sites.
The Grenadians are frank and friendly and two of their most popular parties are “Cruces de Mayo” and the celebration of “Corpus Christi”.


cordoba y sevillaCórdoba, which is situated in the valley of the Guadalquivir, has the second biggest historical centre of Europe and the most amount of urban terrain in the city that has been declared UNESCO world heritage-site in the world. In this historical centre one can find “La Mezquita, which is an old mosque and the symbol of this city.

Sevilla, the capital of Andalusia, is the 4th biggest city of Spain. All the cultures that influenced this city in the past left their traces in buildings and monuments. The best example of it all is “La Giralda”, Sevilla’s Cathedral.


cádiz y huelvaCádiz, also known as “Tacita de Plata” (The little silver cup) is famous for its beautiful beaches and cultural heritage like for example “El Monumento de la Constitución” and the “Falla Theater”, where people celebrate the famous Carnaval of Cádiz.

Huelva is located in the southwest of Andalusia. Huelva is the city from where Columbus left on his journey to discover America. “El Monumento a la Fe Descubridora” is still commemorating this historical moment. And Huelva also offers, like any other Spanish city on the Atlantic coast, kilometers of beautiful beaches.


Jaén is situated in the northwest of Andalusia. Here one can enjoy the biggest Arab baths of Europe, walk through “La Judería”, the old Jewish quarter, and visit “El Monumento a las Batallas”. This city is famous all over the world for the good quality of its olives and its exceptional pure olive oil.

Almería is a coast-city in the southest of Andalusia. Its cultural highlights are “La Alcazaba”, the cathedral and the archeology museum. One of the two most famous parties of Almería is “El Alamar”, the meeting of mediterrean cultures. In Almería one can also find the natural park “Cabo de Gata”.

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