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  • Krista A Barcelona - Spain 15 Feb 2011
    Malaga Si is a great school. I spent 4.5 months there in 2007. Initially I had planned to only stay 2 months at this school and thereafter go to another city, but I enjoyed it so much I decided to extend my stay and studies. The language professors were excellent. Friendly and patient! I began with hardly any knowledge of Spanish and it was a great non-intimidating environment to start. The location of the school is also great. Very close to the beach and in a nice, quiet area of the city. Even after 4 years, I'm still in contact with the people I met there. Malaga Si is excellent!
  • Magda K Poland 06 Feb 2011
    Malaga Si is without any doubt the best school that exists! And believe me that I have been in many schools... Teachers and students are great and funny, and we had so much fun together! I was there during one month in 2010 and I wouldn't change this experience for anything! I totally recommend it.
  • Mario R Germany 03 Feb 2011
    Es war mein dritter Aufenthalt in einer Sprachschule in Málaga und leider auch der enttäuschendste. Malaga Sí befindet sich im Stadtteil Padregalejo nur 5 Fußminuten vom Strand entfernt in einem typischen zweistöckigem Stadthaus mit mehreren ansprechenden Klassenräumen und zahlreichen Möglichkeiten. Das wars auch schon an Positivem. Leider besteht das Personal, abgesehen von den Lehrern, fast ausschließlich aus Nichtspaniern, so dass es in dieser Schule vor allem an einer typisch spanischen, d. h. herzlichen Atmosphäre mangelt. Die Lehrer sind mehr oder weniger in Ordnung, allerdings ist der Unterricht schlecht organisiert, z. B. erlebte ich eine Woche mit einem Lehrer für eine Klasse mit 12 Schülern in vier unterschiedlichen Niveaus. Wenn Sie von einem Aufenthlt in einer Sprachschule mehr erwarten als nur Dienst nach Vorschrift, dann meiden Sie diese Schule, ich kann diese keinesfalls empfehlen. Zum Glück gibt es ja eine große Auswahl an Sprachschulen in Málaga und aus Erfahrung kann ich sagen, dass man sich woanders wesentlich mehr um seine Schüler bemüht.
  • Ellie R Bristol - United Kingdom 18 Nov 2010
    I spent 6 weeks at Málaga ¡Si! from September to November this year. It was a fantastic experience and my Spanish improved a great deal in my time there. The teachers are very patient and have a range of excellent teaching styles. The course is interesting and combines grammar, conversation and cultural input. The school also arranges various social events and trips at very affordable prices. I went to Morocco for a weekend and will never forget the amazing experience. The school itself is very nice and all the staff are approachable, helpful and polite. If you are wondering where to go to improve your Spanish - go to Málaga ¡Si!, you will not regret it! By the way, I blogged about my experience while I was there:
  • Caren Z Germany 10 Nov 2010
    I spent about 6 months in Málaga in 2007 at Málaga Sí. It was very nice, I learned such a lot of Spanish and the teachers, especially Ramon, and the staff, especially Sjef, :-), were so courteously and funny that it was way much easier to learn Spanish. In the freetime Málaga Sí offered a lot of leasure activities such as museum tours, city tours or a tour to Morocco and many many more. The beach was also very close to the school so that you could spend a lot of time for sun bathing or just relaxing at the sea. !!! So all in all I can really recommend this school for everyone who wants to learn Spanish speedily while having a lot of in school and outa school with the teachers, the staff or with new friends from the Spanish courses from all around the world.
  • Mariel M Netherlands 08 Nov 2010
    Hola a todos! Last winter I spent 3 months in Malaga with 2 of my friends and we went to Malaga Si to study spanish. The school is amazing. Its a beautiful small building with a big backyard& swimming pool to match the great weather. Everybody who works at the school is lovely and patient. I'm sure I couldn't have learned spanish as quick and proper while having such a good time anywhere else! Besides, the school is located in the best part of malaga, pedregalejo!
  • Kate K United Kingdom 25 Oct 2009
    Hi! I have studied at Malaga Si twice now. One week over Christmas and New Year last year and then again at Easter. Even though I was only staying for a short while, I was made to feel very welcome. The Hacienda (student house) is close and a lovely building. I would recommend studying at Malaga Si. Enjoy!
  • Francois D Brussels - Belgium 20 Sep 2009
    Bonjour ! J'ai passé plusieurs mois à Malaga il y a quelques années et ai choisi l'école Málaga Sí pour apprendre l'espagnol. Je ne peux que recommander cette école pour son professionnalisme, la sympathie de ses professeurs, sa localisation et sa taille restreinte qui en font l'endroit idéal pour réellement apprendre l'espagnol, tout en profitant d'une ambiance exceptionnelle.
  • Vanessa A Eschen - Liechtenstein 15 Sep 2009
    I spent 4 weeks in Malaga si and I can tell that it's a great school! Its teachers are very interested, classes are small, even the school is small and very personal. I liked the fact, that the Hacienda was very close to the school and from the school to the city center you could go all night long very quickly by bus. They offer many activities and you get to know other students very easily. This school is fun and you even learn a lot!
  • Yuka O Ichinomiya - Japan 10 Sep 2009
    I spent 24 weeks last year. Málaga ¡Sí! is so nice!! At first, I was shy in class but my teachers ware really kind. so I could learn Spanish at ease!! The school is not large. I had many friends of other class,too. We can make friends easily:) And the activities are so fun;P I usually went to the activities to know much more things and make friends!! In this autumn, I'll go back to Málaga ¡Sí! again!!
  • Lizabeth E Asten - Netherlands 09 Sep 2009
    I spent 8 weeks in Málaga Sí, and I had a great time! Before I came to Spain I only knew: ola and now I even know that that was wrong ;) Anyway, the first 4 days I got private lessons, and it helped a lot. After a week, I knew a little basis and after a 8 weeks I was able to give a speech about Holland and more. The school is small and that's nice, the classes never content more than 8 students, so everyone is noticed and you make friends really fast. The teachers only speak spanish, so you learn the language really quick. All together, I love this school and the teachers. I would come back every year!
  • Sophie Z Stockholm - Sweden 08 Sep 2009
    I spent almost four months in Malaga studying at Malaga Si in 2006. When I arrived in Malaga I could barely complete one sentence in Spanish, but one thing that really helped was the fact that the teachers at the school would not use English as an easy language for translations. All the classes were given in Spanish (no matter which level you were at) and although a challenge at first, we all benefitted as this increased our understanding of the Spanish language. The school is quite small which helps make classes feel more personal and each student is noticed. The commitment and enthusiasm of the teachers made you want to communicate and challenge yourself. No matter what level you were at, in the surroundings at the school you felt comfortable to communicate at that level. I remember once, at the beginning of my stay, telling a story using essentially three words and hand gestures. The culture classes which were given once a week were also a big help to understanding Spanish culture and more specifically that of Andalucia and Malaga. I would truly recommend Malaga Si for Spanish studies as I believe learning is best enabled in a safe and supportive environment like that of Malaga Si.
  • Sara N milan - Italy 08 Sep 2009
    I spent 2 weeks in Malaga, during the summer 2007. The school MALAGA SI is very good: the teachers are very kind and receptive; they always try to help students. The grammar course was helpful. Also the place were I stayed (10 mins far from the school) was ok. Unfortunately i was In Malaga for only 2 weeks but i hope to go there again in the future..
  • Otim N Gothenburg - Sweden 07 Sep 2009
    I had only 5 weeks to learn spanish. I studied as hell and I took extralessons If it hadn't been for the wonderful people and teachers at the Malaga Sí I'd probably wouldn't be a medical doctor! When I came home I reseved an A in spanish and that was what was recuired to enter medicalschool. 5 fantastic weeks smiles all over and when I was there back in spring 2004 it we had a fantastic time after school aswell.
  • Emelie P Stockholm - Sweden 06 Sep 2009
    I spent 14 weeks in Malaga in 2004 and that was my best time ever! The school is great and the teachers are fantastic. I learned spanish really fast and I enjoyed every minute of the lessions. I would recommend everyone to visit Malaga and this school in particular.
  • Alexandra G Canada 05 Sep 2009
    I spent 9 weeks in Malaga and this school was like home away from home. Teachers are there when you feel home sick and classes are just the right size to learn and have fun. The school also offers activities that make you experience real spanish life.
  • Monther K Jeddah - Saudi Arabia 05 Sep 2009
    I've spent around 5 weeks in Malaga to study Spanish. and I believe its the best city to study since its full of locals and not to touristic as other cities in Andalusia. I've decided to go to Malaga-Si after a long research and tough comparisons with other schools through various websites and reviews. Their prices are reasonable and value for money. The teachers are wonderful, well-organized and professional.moreover, there are lots of activities (free salsa classes, flamenco, musems, morroco visits, cinimas, volleyball...etc) and they're almost on a daily basis. Plus the school is less than 2 minutes from the beach. Definatly, I'll go there next summer.
  • Michael H Schleiden - Germany 04 Sep 2009
    Ya es mi segunda estancia en Málaga Si y tanto la escuela como el ambiente y la cohesión entre los alumnos han vuelto a encantarme. Muchas gracias por tres semanas que no voy a olvidar en mi vida. Es ist schon mein zweiter Aufenthalt in Málaga Sí und die Schule und die Stimmung und der Zusammenhalt unter den Schuelern haben mich wieder begeistert. Vielen Dank fuer drei Wochen die ich in meinem Leben nicht vergessen werde. It¨s my second time here in Málaga Sí and I¨m really impressed again. It is a great experience to see how teachers and students from all over the world work together, I will never forget the time I spent here.
  • Sam France 03 Sep 2009
    I spent 3 summers in Malaga Si and I can advise this school to anyone ! It's a nice school, with funny and skilled teachers, many activities like dinners where everyone cooks a speciality from his region, going to some private "casetas" during the feria or going out to some good and typical spanish places. Well, you will let me know about it ! :) Sam, el frances.
  • Julie L Sweden 02 Sep 2009
    I went to Spain to learn spanish and endad up at Málaga Sí by chance. I had planned on staying for 2 months, but the teachers and the whole experience were so great, I ended up staying for 4! Málaga is a beautfiul city with friendly people and through Málaga Sí you get to get to know both the city and it´s surroundings through interesting field trips. I can only recomend Málaga Sí, everybody I know who went there was as happy as I was!