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Conditions accommodation 2013

  • Accommodation without participation in classes +90 EUR/week. 
  • Students who book accommodation in shared and single apartments have to bring their own bed sheets and towels. 
  • The school can provide used and clean sheets for 12 EUR and new sheets for 25 EUR.
  • Students will be responsible for cleaning the apartments. However, the school provides cleaning services for the common parts of the apartments once a week.
  • If the school considers that the rooms and commons areas of the accomodation need cleaning, the students will be charged with 15 EUR per hour of extra cleanings needs.
  • Students living with a family are required to clean their rooms.
  • Students can to do their laundry once a week when staying with a host family. Each apartment has a washing machine.
  • Note that the houses in Malaga do not have central heating. Students can rent an electric heater for 5,00 € per night.
  • Entrance to the accommodation is allowed after 12:00 a.m. on the arrival day and departure has to be made no later than 12:00 a.m. on the departure day.
  • It is strictly forbidden to have animals in the accommodation.
  • It is strictly forbidden to have any parties or festivities which could disturb other tenants or neighbours.
  • The price includes costs for water, gas and electricity. It does not include heating for the students apartments.
  • Students living in shared or single apartments have to take out the garbage every day.
  • Students who are accommodated in shared or single apartments are required to pay a deposit of 80,00 € for the keys and also as a guarantee that they will leave the accommodation in the same condition as they have found it.
  • Every change of accommodation (once started) costs an additional 130,00 €.
  • The change of school costs 130,00 €.


The students who booked accommodation in shared or single apartments, and who will arrive at the school on a Saturday or a Sunday after 23:00, are strongly recommended to reserve the pick-up service. The pick-up service will take the student directly from the airport to the accommodation. If not, we cannot guarantee that the student can enter the accommodation on that day and the student will have to arrange and pay his own accommodation for that night.